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vintage_fleur's Journal

8 June
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"Can you squeeze me into an empty page of your diary, and psychologically save me?"
1900s, 1910s, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, abraham lincoln, accents, acting, andy warhol, anne frank, antiques, art deco, art nouveau, bakelite, being free, bette davis, bettie page, birds, bob dylan, bongos, bright eyes, butterflies, catcher in the rye, cd mixes, certain books, clark gable, clothes, coats, crafts, creativity, dancing, dean martin, death, debbie reynolds, diners, drawing, dreams, east of eden, edelweiss, edwardian, elephants, elizabeth taylor, england, europe, eyeliner, feathers, films, finding beauty in things, flowers, frank sinatra, fred astaire, fries, geminis, gene autry, gene kelly, ghosts, gone with the wind, grace kelly, grauman's chinese theater, hamburgers, hats, heath chocolate bars, hippies, history channel, hollywood, holocaust, horoscopes, horses, humble people, humor, italian food, italy, james dean, john f. kennedy, judy garland, katie melua, lana turner, leaves, letters, lights, little things, lois smith, los angeles, m.a.c., make-up, manners, marilyn monroe, marlene dietrich, marlon brando, mazzy star, mccully, mirrors, morrissey, music, my room, nature, new places, new york city, old movies, old town, oscar wilde, owls, painting, peacocks, perfume, photographs, pin-ups, piquito, poetry, popcorn, pretty hair, retro, rita hayworth, roses, shoes, silence, singing, sleeping, small towns, soft things, sponge bob, star wars, tea, texting, the bell jar, the office, the smiths, the sound of music, the u.k., the wizard of oz, theatre, thoughtful people, thrift stores, titanic, trees, turner classic movies, vanilla, vh1 reality tv, victorian, vintage, vivien leigh, walk of fame, walt whitman, water, winter, writing, wwii